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Airone’s daily work is based on criteria of food safety and sustainability, with full respect for the ecosystem, workers and customers.

Environmental Sustainability

Alongside its desire to keep providing high-quality products, Airone has made a commitment towards sustainable development. In fact, Airone is Friend of the Sea and Dolphin Safe-certified.

Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea is a project by the World Sustainability Organization, which has become the leading certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment.

Dolphin Safe

In this sense, Dolphin Safe certification establishes precise control criteria within a global standard to stop the hunting and killing of dolphins and manage the use of nets (purse seine nets).

Food Safety

Airone and its plant in the Ivory Coast are ISO9001:V2008, BRC and IFS certified, and apply HACCP standards, undergoing regular audits by specialist external certifying bodies, clients and technicians. It has an ISO/IEC/17025 analysis laboratory and is accredited by the SOAC, the only authorised organisation for food hygiene control in the Ivory Coast.


Social Commitment

The company has been working in Africa since 1994 and has always shown great sensitivity to the country’s and the Ivory Coast community’s social development.

In general, the company adds a close relationship with the region to the concept of social sustainability. Our employees have a series of benefits to support their personal growth and their families. One example is help with schooling. The development of a State is based on literacy and schooling for new generations. Our solid support every year for the schooling of our employees’ children is a real sign of our close relationship with the people of the Ivory Coast, who have welcomed us as a company since 1994.

Airone is very active in social initiatives. Both in Italy, where we support certain charitable projects, and especially in the Ivory Coast.

Company canteen

Financial support for funerals
(which are particularly
important in Africa)

Loans for the education of our
employees’ children

Financial support for
commuting to and from work

Two donations a year of preserved tuna
for the family

Social activities: a Christmas party and social events for other particularly important national holidays

Across the Ivory Coast, Airone and certain executives are personally involved in several activities

Schools in the village of Touba

Contribution to the Congregazione delle Suore Figlie di Gesù, Verona, founded by Father Pietro Leonardi. Specifically, we partner with Sister Ambrogia for her mission in the village of Touba, 700 km from Abidjan. We are helping to build two schools.

Reconstruction of the pavilion in Bonoua

Contribution to the Congregazione Don Orione, Bonoua for the reconstruction of the reception pavilion for the disabled.

A new nursery in Bonoua

Contribution for the construction of the new nursery at the Maison de Padre Pio, Bonoua (40 km from Abidjan) where 50 children aged 0 to 13 live.

Funding social activities in the village of Kotobi

Contribution to the reconstruction of several social activities in the village of Kotobi. For these initiatives, several executives have been awarded the honorary title of Village Chief.


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