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Airone is an industrial company operating in the preserved fish and foods sector, specialising in processing and selling fish products made from tuna.

You can find Airone quality in large-scale retailers under our brand and others. On the shelves in small and large supermarkets, you can recognise, find and choose our products, in various formats, from individual cans to family-size packs. Airone products can be adapted to all lifestyles and any consumer preferences. Find out how.

Our brands

The highest quality hand-processed Yellowfin tuna, only with olive oil. Light pink in colour with a delicate flavour.

Our brands

A complete range of high-quality products made from Skipjack tuna, in oil or brine. This line also includes new products such as salads, salmon, mackerel and sardines.

Our brands

A line of highly cost-effective products. Made from the best freshly caught tuna, all processed as necessary to provide the greatest choice while offering the best value for money.


Airone S.r.l.

Via Agnoletti, 5 42124 Reggio Emilia
P.Iva 02459350357
Numero REA RE-283407 Capitale Sociale 5.010.000,00€

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Our brands

  • Altomar
  • Maremì
  • Tutto Tonno


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