What we fish

Skipjack tuna

Katsuwonus Pelamis

Skipjack tuna meat is light red in colour, with a medium texture and low-fat content. Of commercial importance, the species is found in tropical and temperate waters in all oceans and the Mediterranean. It is sold fresh, frozen, dried and canned and is highly appreciated in Japanese cuisine. Unlike other species, skipjack tuna is not threatened with extinction.

Yellowfin tuna

thunnus albacares

This is the type of tuna best known among Italian consumers. Tasty and delicate, with a low-fat content, its meat becomes light pink when cooked. It is sold canned or for eating fresh.

Bigeye tuna

thunnus obesus

This fish can exceed 300 kg in weight and is present in all oceans. It has a dark pink meat, with a high fat content and markedly fishy taste. It is mainly sold for eating fresh (sushi, sashimi).

Apart from tuna


Canned Salmon retains most of the nutrients found in the fresh product and is richer in vitamin D.


Mackerel is one of the most beneficial fish. It provides vitamin A, calcium, iron and a large part of the recommended daily intake of Omega 3 essential acids.


One can of sardines contains the same amount of calcium as one glass of whole milk, together with abundant vitamin D to facilitate absorption.

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